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Breast Augmentation Collingwood

What Services Do We Offer?

Inspire Cosmetics offers a range of services including facial, body, and breast augmentation. We offer only the highest quality cosmetic care and employ only the most qualified and experienced surgeons. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with your desired procedure; you can view a list of before and after photos in our website to get an idea of how your procedure will turn out.

Of our available procedures, breast augmentation surgery is one the more well known. This operation is meant to enhance your overall physique and give you breasts that better suit your body. As is our standard protocol, we use only the latest technology and practices to ensure that your procedure will go as smoothly and as efficiently as possible. Rest assured that our surgeons are season professionals who have done extensive work with breast implants. We offer a myriad of procedures including breast lift, breast replacement, and breast augmentation. Some of our patients even choose to have multiple procedures done at the same time.

Is a Breast Lift Surgeon Different to a Liposuction Surgeon?

We at Inspire Cosmetics prioritize the selection of your surgeon. As you may already know, not all surgeons are equally qualified—some have extensive credentials and a good surgical background while others are much less qualified.

Each procedure requires a separate certification. Although some plastic and cosmetic procedures fall under the same field of study, there are surgeons who specialize in specific regions of the body. We suggest that for each procedure, you get connected to a seasoned specialist.

To ensure that we deliver the best service, we only select surgeons who are board certified in Australia. Although the government does not require cosmetic surgeons to have these qualifications, we still believe that our clients should get the safest and most efficient care possible.

Can I Choose Any Location For Surgery?

To reduce stress and other logistical complications, we do our best to connect your to a clinic close to your location. However, if there is no specialist within your area, we advise that you consider travelling to another city to see one.

We assure you that all of our surgeons and facilities are world-class. You can get connected to a qualified surgeon in different locations and across different price ranges.

All of our surgical procedures from pre-operation consultation to post-operation recovery are done according to best practices. Our surgeons and staff will guide you through your entire journey to ensure your safety and satisfaction. However, it may also be helpful to have someone you know accompany you throughout the surgery for support. If you choose to go alone, we still have staff who are dedicated to caring for our clients throughout the different stages of the process.


How Do I Get An Exact Price?

We try to make price comparisons as easy and quick as possible. All you have to do is give us a call and fill up our online assessment form. Our sales representatives will be able to give you a full quotation without any hidden charges in just a few minutes.

Aside from providing you with a price list, we will also help you select the location, specifications, and schedule of your desired procedure(s). We will collect important information such as your medical history and vital information so that our surgeons can tailor your procedure to your body’s needs.

We encourage you to spend as much time with our surgeons and sales representatives as needed. We value your input throughout the process and we are determined to carry out each procedure safely and to your specifications.