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Breast Implants & Augmentation Port Melbourne

Inspire Cosmetics offers a large number of cosmetic procedures that can enhance your face, breasts, and the rest of your body. You can get an overview of all our procedures by checking out the main menu of our website. See our before and after photos and review our different procedures.

Off all our offerings, breast enhancement (also referred to as breast augmentation) is one of the most popular. It aims to improve your overall look and improve your body’s proportion by balancing out your breast size. The safety of this procedure has drastically improved over the years thanks to technological and procedural advancements. Our surgeons are more than qualified to install breast implants and replace damaged implants.


What Surgeons Do We Work With?

All surgeons are not equally qualified—many of them vary in specialization, experience, and tenure. We at Inspire Cosmetics have put together a team of board-certified plastic and cosmetic surgeons throughout Australia. Because we put a premium on your safety, we employ only the most qualified surgeons, who go above and beyond the minimum credentials required by the Australian government.

Can I Choose Any Location For Operation?

The location of your surgery highly depends on your chosen procedure. Although we have clinics all over the country, we will connect you to our most qualified practitioners throughout the country. More often than not, we will be able to find a surgeon and a clinic close to your location. However, if your attending surgeon is stationed far from where you live, we suggest that you make arrangements to travel and board near his/her clinic so you can get the best care available.

Aside from choosing a surgeon, you have to take into account costs and travel time. All our facilities and surgeons are equally world-class, so it’s best to get your procedure done in the location closest to you.

Other complications do not usually come up because most of our clients do not have complicated procedures.

Breast enhancement surgery takes an hour to an hour and a half and requires a post operation consultation four days right after the procedure. If you live near your surgeon’s center, you can drive there easily. If you live far, on the other hand, we advice you to find a hotel or resort nearby until your surgeon say you are healthy enough to go home. We encourage all our clients to get a medical assistant to lighten recovery period following the procedure. We also advise all our clients to refrain from strenuous activities to prevent prolonging the healing process. Professional services that have medical carers or assistants are readily available for patients that may need them; their availability will depend your location and type of surgery.


Just How Do I Get A Precise Price?

Our online assessment program is readily available so that you can get a precise costing for your desired procedure. Depending on the type of surgery, we usually have our clients meet his/her surgeon for a one-on-one consultation.

Our people will happily provide you with any and all the information that you need to get started.