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Breast Augmentation Carlton

Breast augmentation or breast enhancement surgery is one of the most in-demand cosmetic procedures today. Most women choose this surgery to help with their confidence, especially when they are dissatisfied with their natural breasts. Our company readily offers a natural-looking breast enhancement operation with the use of safe breast implants.

Achieving fuller and younger-looking breasts is definitely a possibility with breast augmentation at our world-class health centers. As one of Australia’s leading breast augmentation clinics, we offer only the best and safest procedures available.

How do I choose the right breast shape, size and type?

To be able to have natural-looking breasts, shape and size of the implants should match the patient’s body. With the variety of breast implant shapes and sizes readily available, you can choose the implant that best suits you with the help of one of our surgeons. Our surgeons can help you choose the correct, size, width, and height of implants for your body type. They will take into consideration factors like physique, chest muscle composition, skin thickness, and the like to be able to find the ideal implants for you.

Our surgeons will guide you through the entire process; they will make sure that you are given only the safest and healthiest choices possible. Our surgeons only use silicone implants of the best quality to assure that possible complication risks are minimized.

We advise all our clients to get the right kind of implants—ones that mimic natural breasts and not overly large breasts that exceed the size of the pectoral muscles. Breasts that are too large can cause a myriad of problems including back pain and unwanted skin stretching.

Implants can be either teardrop-shaped or round; the former is used to enhance the shape of the lower breasts while the latter is used to increase overall volume. Teardrop-shaped implants are best for women who lack natural breast tissue.

Breast implants have outer shells varying from smooth to textured. Smooth outer shells are much thinner, have a polished surface, and are relatively easier to work with while textured outer shells are slightly thicker with a rough surface.

Where are breast implants placed?

The placement of breast implants depends heavily on your breast tissue. Women with adequate breast tissue almost always have their implants placed in front while those with less breast tissue have their implants placed under the muscles.

Can your breast implant rupture?

Although breast implants can be durable, there are some cases where they may rupture, leak, or tear. Breast implants are not lifetime devices; they must be taken proper care of and be well maintained. To reduce the risks, our surgeons often choose silicone implants over saline implants because the former are more durable.

If in case your implants rupture, you may experience a drastic change in breast size and shape. In any event this happens to you, make sure to set an appointment right away. Our surgeons are qualified to repair and replace damaged implants. The earlier you call, the easier it is to repair your implants.